Graphics & Fonts

Do you want to express your love for NärCon? On this page you will find everything necessary to create your own NärCon material! Feel free to send us your creations, if we love it we will publish it on our website.

Graphic profile for NärCon

This is the graphic profile NärCon uses in cases where there is no upcoming event. The profile includes symbols, logos, colors, fonts and pdf files with both vertical and horizontal templates.

3D-model of the NärCon dragon

Have you always wanted to play around with a 3D-model of the NärCon dragon? Now you can! Here are some videos, images with example textures and three Maya original files of the model that you can use. The model was created by Patrick O’Carroll.

Videos about NärCon

Here is a list of some of the videos you can find at NärCons YouTube channel.


The NärCon Font

NärCon has their own complete font, which you can use to write anything you would like. The font includes both traditional letters and the following symbols:

You can create the symbols using the following methods:

  • Type one of these characters: ß ∂ ƒ ¸ ˛ √ ª
  • Using Mac, press: Alt + s, Alt + d, Alt + f, Alt + g, Alt + h, Alt + j or Alt + k.
  • In windows, use “character sets” and insert each symbol.

What are you waiting for? Download the fonts and produce cool material using NärCons own font today! You can use the fonts in any of your computers software, such as Photoshop and Word. The font is created using vectors so you can make them as large as you want.

Typsnitt 1 – NärCon Regular, v.1.00, uppdaterat 2012-02-07
Typsnitt 2 – NärCon Outline, v.1.00, uppdaterat 2012-02-07

Installing the fonts

Using Windows
Using Mac
Using Ubuntu


  • Using Photoshop: To make sure the font looks great in Photoshop, you must activate anti aliasing and set it to ‘Strong’ or ‘Crisp’. This is due to the complexity and amount of anchor points in the characters.
  • Using Word: Do you have an interest for typography and want your document to look great using the fonts? Mark your text, press ctrl (cmd on a Mac) + d, choose Advanced and then activate kerning.